Sunday, December 28, 2008

Love me some Middle Eastern man panties

This is how they sell boxer briefs in the Middle East.

Mixing 2 of my favorite things: man panties and violins.

Monday, December 22, 2008

A dedication to Jeremy

Though the miles may separate us, you are still with me in spirit JDong/Buster.

Remember when you liked Zwan?! We made a Zwan pita pizza.

Pwnless Chicken (spelled a smidge incorrectly I know.)

Let them play!

For art I let the kids horribly paint their own masks made of paper plates. Then like 2 weeks later during music, I let them wear them home. They sure came out ugly.

Nitish! Everyday he makes me laugh. But really, look at him. He is funny.

From the front: Merssal, Nekesha, Masud, and Asad. Asad is very shy and quiet, but Masud has adopted him as a friend, and I think it is really bringing out his personality. He was terribly boring before, and slowly but surely, he is coming out of his shell.

Gorgeous Mutia and decently cute Sevina! Waad and Hessa are in the back being naughty and writting on the board.

During maths I was having them make shapes out of clay, so for a laugh I put on a mustache and my class clowns copied me.

Here is Zayed Zeail, my terror above all terrors!

Here is Abdul Rahman slash Wario. I like that in the background you can see Zayed adjusting his stache!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Aladdin in Arabia... sucks.

So since I have been Arabia, I can't stop thinking of Aladdin. So today, when I was watching cable, I was delighted to find that it was going to be on MBC 2 at 3:00 ksa. Then I considered the chance of it being censored, being as there is no such thing as kissing or showing any affection or women sluttily on UAE TV, but it's a kids' movie, it's Disney, and it's rated G. Now most of the time G means General Audience, but here that rating obviously does not apply. They were able to ruin 3 songs by cutting out giant chunks of them when there were belly dancers or something, and they couldn't play ANY of A Whole New World.


Monday, December 01, 2008

Kids are creepy slash they love the camera

Merssal, Pradita, Masud

2/5 of KG1D


More than half of my kiddies were absent today because of the vacation holiday that starts officially after this glass of wine. Tomorrow, the UAE turns 37. My parents are older than this country, which I find funny, though I am sure I can name at least 3 other countries that are younger than me. But really, I can't judge; it wasn't too long ago that the good ol' US of A was turning the same age... relatively speaking. Anyway, most of my kids were out of town starting their 2 week vacation early. So to reward the kids that made it to school, I let them have a fun period where we made crowns of glitter. The crowns were supposed to be the colors of the UAE flags (green, red, black, white), but my lame helper brought out like different blues and silvers which totally messed up the whole idea! But yeah, here is some of my class.

From left to right: Ghina, Mugesh (one of my pee-ers), Pradita, Bryan, Mutia, Merssal, Sevina, Tariq, and Masud. Not Pictured: Zayed Zeail because he was being an asshole.

P.S. Try not to be offended by my visible elbows, most everyone here is excepting of them and their sluttiness.

P.S.S This is the before and after of the asshole after he painted his face with glitter and glue and then proceeded to try washing it off himself. It was funny. BUT then he ran around the room throwing glitter everywhere, so I sent him away and he didn't get to wear his crown, which was fortunate for Mugesh, because Mugesh didn't get to make a crown because he was too busy pissing his pants. I'm not even kidding.