Thursday, October 09, 2008

Auf Wiedersehen

I'm in Germany right now visiting my little nephew. I got in a little over a week ago. So far is has been very calm. I wake up late, hang out with Christain, watch him cry and eat and smile and eat and poop and cry and pee and eat. Sometimes we watch box set DVDs or go grocery shopping. It isn't too exciting. But when you have a baby that can hardly hold his head up, and cries whenever he needs something, it really limits your daily activities.

Shasha's house is cute though. She lives in a darling area. Her neighborhood looks like a Christmas postcard. The houses have steep roofs, the roads are narrow and windy, there are mountains surrounding that are covered with trees of yellow, orange, and green. Up the street is what we thought was a castle, but found out from further inspection that it was actually a Catholic church. Further up the street is a lake. It is all picturesque. Until you drive the opposite direction of the lake where the army base is.

Army bases abroad are weird. You are surrounded by Germany, but inside is a tiny America. They have community halls where the teenage army brats hang out, there is Baskin Robbins, Taco Bell, Popeyes, Chilis and MacDonald's, they have a miniture department store where you can buy clothes and hair dye. Everything accepts dollars, but you have to show your military ID in order to pay. I had to get my own ID too. I forget what is it called, but it is cute. It is like an intense drivers license. It has my age, weight, birthday, height, address, flight schedule, picture, all on this little card. It looks homemade though, so I doubt I would be able to use it in the states at the bars, unless the bouncer was in the army over sees and knew what an instillation pass looked like. Oh yeah, it's called an instillation pass. duh.

Anyway, the baby is crying, and he likes when I make funny faces at him, while Shasha does her thing. I gotta help.

More updates to come.