Wednesday, May 19, 2010

It's coming

7:00 pm.
May 22nd.
Avila Beach.
Bonfire and debauchery.

The man, the legend, the dood behind these bitchen posters: James Edmondson.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Cinco de Crumb.

It was Crumb's golden year this year. 05/05/05 turning 5. Good job him. He made it this long without me running him over. Too soon... ALWAYS MOTHER F*****S!


So without further adieu, Crumbapolooza--

Crumb relaxing:

Crumb hanging out with friends:

Crumb enjoying a stogy, aka bull wiener...:

And, as always, Crumb bushed from a hard day's fun!:

I love you Crumbothy Danger Moore!

You're the bomb, and an awesome friend.

My mom got a helicopter stuck in her head.

It was hilarious.

Not as much to her as it was to me and Pops.

Again, super funny, but simultaneously tragic.
No, only tragic.
Not funny at all...

I turned 24

And like Jack Bauer I took matters into my own hands.

(Beached baby seal)

I save some sea wild life.

Took my pug on a walk.

Made my own dessert.

Injected that shit with some filling.

Renamed NASA. You thought it wasn't possible, it is. Boom.

Note: I do not even watch 24. I just let Courtney talk to me about it 24/7, so I basically watch it.
Second Note: My friend Jasmine made me this NASA poster last year, but I'm still super stoked on it, so it's going to go up every year until NASA gets the hint.

Cookie and Crumb

Milo and Otis ain't got shit on my dog and his second best friend.

Me being his first best friend, doy.

That's me petting his ears, not forcing him to look at a camera.

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