Friday, January 09, 2009

New Year, new things!

We got a new teacher this week. So far she is living with me and Ana, but she is Muslim and British, and the school has deals with mixing Christians and Muslims, and they prefer to keep Brits with Brits and Americans with Americans etc. Anyway, she is nice! I like her. I think a good addition to Choueifat.

Also, I got 2 new students today. On Sunday I got Jacob, he is this African little boy that smells like matches and is already comfortable kicking Nitish. On Tuesday, I got Ariah (pronounce like diarrhea in an Arabic like accent minus the di part)*. She is a sweet little Pakistani girl (I think) that cries everyday for her mom, but is easy to comfort with a little hug.

Now alls I need is a new me, and a cute new boyfriend to match. Maybe I should change my part or start going to more museums, huh.

Look at me!

Guess who's keeping up to their resolutions?!


I made Pad Thai tonight on a whim! I was like, I have fish sauce, I have rice noodles. So I looked up a recipe, and 20 mins later I was eating this weird mash of noodles and awesomeness.

It came out okay. I would show you it, but it didn't come out looking pretty, and plus I don't want to like own pictures of my food or whatever.

So yeah, I cooked. Soon enough I will live up to other good lil' wife standards that society has set!

Goals for the New Year List:


1) Stop procrastinating.
2) Cook.
3) Get into a size 0.
4) Read the classics.
5) Read the newspaper.
6) Forget less.
7) Save more money.
8) Stop biting my nails.
9) Get smarter.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

I don't know why

but I just love this kid!

It was clay time and I don't know if you can see it, but he made a "rocket" that was clearly a penis. Then he added little splooges to make it a "train".

Dirty mind.

He was saying and doing funny things, but of course I didn't get to capture it. This is good enough though!

Monday, January 05, 2009

Home for the Holidays

First off, Happy New Years!

After a million hours of traveling, I made it home safe and sound on Xmas eve, only to get in a car crash on the way home with Amie. The good news is, no one is hurt, the bad news is, Amie's car is totaled, the better news is, Amie doesn't have her car anymore.

Things I got to do:

See a ton of my family (in the snow of LA I might add!):

I didn't even know I had so much family...

My cute parents.


See most of my friends:

(Not pictured due to her not being there: Grace)

(Not pictured due to his not being in state: Jeremy)

(Not pictured but still got to see!: Hayley and Kari.)

See a few randos:
Really only 2/6 = randos.

Although we are neighbors.

Some randos are actually just people we only have online relationships with and not actual hang out much relationships.

Take in the Central Coast:

A beautiful area we live in.

Go dark:



Ring in New Year's in the grand tradition of over rated-ness:

They aren't over ratted though.

oooh 9 here we come!

Karaoke in masks... we couldn't even face the year.
That's Brandon behind that giraffe.

Things I didn't get to do:

See most college friends, and Jeremy.

Eat at every place I love.

Sleep with Crumb enough.

Stay long enough.


All in all the trip was amazing, and I was so grateful to have gotten to go home! It was very needed. I was not amped to leave. I did miss my kiddies and some of my coworkers, but that was about it. Also I was so not looking forward to the flight, 25 hours y'all, which gave me a bloody nose BTDub! Now every time I fly I get an bloody bloody nose. (Say it in a British accent and it will make more sense...)