Sunday, February 21, 2010

Baby C is still way sick!

Getting stoked about the moon at such an early age!

Being fearless on a fence.

Already too cool for his own age. (I assure you that can is empty. By me. Not him.)

Being Cuter than a Who from Whoville.

Looking like an adopted baby from China.

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Thursday, February 04, 2010

The Amazing Moores

My dad and I are applying to be on The Amazing Race. It's his favorite show, and after he came and visited me in the Middies, I was convinced we could do well! I can calm him down when we are in chaos, and he can carry my crap when I'm being fragile. Both of us are analytical, adept, love adventure (life is such), and with enough effort and good luck, I think we could get pretty far.

The process to apply wasn't that hard, but we took it seriously. We had to each complete a 13 page application, a recent photo of the two of us, individual passport sized headshots, proof of passports, and my favorite slash the pain in my butt, a 3 minute video explaining, with personality, why we should be on The Amazing Race ON DVD.

This was all due together in El Segundo, CA by 5pm tomorrow. I had to overnight it this afternoon. Now we wait and pray. If we don't make it to be a semi finalist, we can't ever apply again, at least together not as the same team. So wish us luck! Or let's start making out own video as teammates, because I am getting on this show!

Shasha's in the army again

As of January 30th, Shasha is back in the Army.

The deets I know:
  • Right now she is in South Carolina in some Southern Carolinian city for 25 or so days.
  • Then she is going to Knoxville, Tennessee. Apparently that isn't just Jackass's name, but a city as well.
  • In Knoxville she will train and prepare to leave for Afghanistan or Iraq. Also she will attempt to steal my best friend.
  • There is a slight possibility that she will be stationed in Knoxville instead of leaving overseas. Enshallah.
  • She is supposed to be gone for 400 days, with 2 periods of leave in between.
  • Christian is here with me, mom, and dad. He goes to day care, 2.3 days a week.
  • She is doing well enough. But she misses home. Of course.