Thursday, February 04, 2010

Shasha's in the army again

As of January 30th, Shasha is back in the Army.

The deets I know:
  • Right now she is in South Carolina in some Southern Carolinian city for 25 or so days.
  • Then she is going to Knoxville, Tennessee. Apparently that isn't just Jackass's name, but a city as well.
  • In Knoxville she will train and prepare to leave for Afghanistan or Iraq. Also she will attempt to steal my best friend.
  • There is a slight possibility that she will be stationed in Knoxville instead of leaving overseas. Enshallah.
  • She is supposed to be gone for 400 days, with 2 periods of leave in between.
  • Christian is here with me, mom, and dad. He goes to day care, 2.3 days a week.
  • She is doing well enough. But she misses home. Of course.

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