Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Current (1 to 2 year) Plans

Since I graduated college my future plans have been all over!

First I was going to be a flight attendant for Virgin, but that fell through because UCSB isn't on semester, and I wasn't done a quarter early. So I had to forgo working on planes, which I would have loved, meeting pilots/potential husbands, which I would have loved, and living with Grace in SF, which I would have loved!

So then I decided that I could teach English in the Middle East, tone my Arabic, live abroad, and make money. I took a seminar course thing that certified me, as if a paper could prepare me to mold young non-English speaking minds, and I started applying to jobs. Right off the bat I got a job in Egypt that paid a whopping 500 bones a month... so that was a nose goes!

I continued to apply to different jobs in the Middle East, mainly in the Gulf coast countries like Oman, Qatar, UAE, Kuwait, (not Saudi), etc. I got a job offer teaching in Doha, Qatar, but couldn't take it because the start date was before I was going to be donating my eggie weggs. Then I got a job as a governess for the royal family in Abu Dhabi, but again, my lame ass eggs kept me from taking the job. So again, I my Arabic ambitions were kind of dismissed.

I knew that Korea was in desperate need for ESL teachers, but I don't know any Korean, and hadn't put too much thought towards learning it. I want to teach abroad because I want to learn the language; I think the more languages I know, the more valuable I will be in the work force or whatever. So I knew that Korea would always be there if I couldn't find a job in the Middle East. The Middle East usually requires 2+ years of experience and some times a masters degrees, when all I had was a BA and a TESL certificate, so it was kinda a stretch to find many jobs there anyway. So I applied to this recruitment office in Korea that would help me find a job anywhere in South Korea. My lady was named Inhui (pronounce ee-nee as in eeni, meeni, mini, moe), and she knew her shit. She let me know where the fun places in Korea were, negotiated salaries for me, and got me excited for Korea, even made me forget about my Arabian dreams. She got me a contract that I liked from this school, Wonderland, in Busan (the south coast of S. Korea). I was just going to send in the signed contract the following day, when my initial job in from Qatar called me at 1 am and asked if I would be interested in a job in UAE. I told them that I couldn't take it because I had a ticket to Germany to see my sister and her kid.

So I'm lying in bed, thinking that I really want to go, and that I can't keep putting my job future on hold, so I emailed Mazen Ezzedine back and was like "yeah I can see my sister's kid for the rest of my life" and he was all "nice".

Now I'm getting my papers together for my visa. I have to send in my verification of graduation to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, then they send it to the UAE Embassy, then they send it back to me, then I send it to my school. Once that is done, I will get an eTicket (lame) and will be on my way to my new life in the Middle East. But now I'm waiting on that shit to get done, which let's be honest, is not going to be quick being as it is going through the government and shit, so I think I will have time to visit Shasha and her kid in Germany now!

Anyway, so that's my current plan. I'm gonna sneak off to see Shasha, my mom, and Baby C in Germany, before they notice I have left, and hopefully I can come back by the time I need to leave to United Arab Emirates!

That's him. He is hilarious already.

First Blog Y'all!


Jeremy inspired me. He is writing about his boring life, and mine is boring too so I want to hop on this blog train. I know I tend to be inspired easily then lose interest fast. Yeah that is probably going to happen. Deal with it.

I was thinking about creating one a while ago. I mean I made one when James and Brad were really into their blogs, or at least really into talking about them. I even had the html and everything, but I completely forgot about it, of course, and never even published. I had a title, it was Take this Brad and James, or something of that nature, but no substance. I guess they really got what I was giving them, or not. But now, over two years later, and I am actually going to publish.

There you go.

First one done, out of the way.

More to come. Or should I say MOORE to come!