Wednesday, January 20, 2010

2010! This year's gonna suck way less then 2k9!

Sorry guys, I understand it is already 1/12 over, but let us quickly address that it is a new year! It's 2010! We're into the tween years. That means we get to watch High School Musical marathons, listen to the Jonas Brothers, complain about how being the tallest girl in elementary school sucks, and how we are like so ready for like the junior high boys. Raaandooom*.

Now that we've formally said hello to 2010, we can greatfully say au revoir to the worst year yet.

I don't know about you, but 2009 was a pretty crappy year, and I think most of America would agree. I hear there was something going on with the economy, a new president is not really living up to expectations, gay marriage is still illegal, etc etc.

Last year I made some pretty attainable resolutions last year, and I don't think I completed one!

  1. Stop procrastinating. Not really, although I don't have that many deadlines anymore.
  2. Cook. Nope, only bake. I'm getting rear good at that though!
  3. Get into a size 0. Egh. I was doing well pre-coming home. When you can't cook, you don't eat anything but carrots, when mom cooks you eat everything and don't run.
  4. Read the classics. I think I read a total of 5 books this year. A few of which were "the classics." Baby steps.
  5. Read the newspaper. Not exactly, but that's not my fault that physical media is dying out! I do keep up on my news blogs and crap.
  6. Forget less. Still constantly losing my keys.
  7. Save more money. I am selling my eggs for the 4th time. Meaning I have blown through 30 Gs. So, no, I have not saved more money.
  8. Stop biting my nails. Current nail lenght- nubs.
  9. Get smarter. Would require me to quit drinking.
New, New Years Resolutions for 2k10:
  1. Budget better. After these eggiweggs, save save save!
  2. Get to a size 2. 2010- size 2, 2011- size 0.
  3. Read 1 book/2 weeks. More realistic, yet challenging.
  4. Get a job. Not rubbing old people's feet.
  5. Move out. Sounds easy enough...
  6. Bag a babe. A babe. Not a dud.
  7. Wear more heels and lipstick. Generally dress cuter.
  8. Be nicer to Shasha. Sisters should be friends.
  9. Write everyday. Blog, script, shorts., the works.
  10. Study everyday. Languages, AFOGT, the works.
  11. Exercise everyday. Outside, inside, yoga, running, the works.

*Said like a tween, not like what I was writing was random!

Crumb is the reason for the season!

Now I know I've been absent for the past few weeks, there were holidays, I was gone, it's a new year, whatever, so here is the whole collection of my Christmas Cards I sent out with Crumb. Sorry they're such low quality, but scanners be scanners.

Sacreligious- maybe, offensive- probably, creepy- kinda, genius- absolutely.